Constitution and Bylaws


The objectives and purposes of this Association shall be:


  • To unite for mutual benefit those public officials and private persons engaged in the control of arson and kindred crimes.
  • To provide for exchange of technical information and developments.
  • To cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and associations to further fire investigation and the suppression of crime.
  • To encourage high professional standards of conduct among members, and to continually strive to eliminate all factors which interfere with the administration of justice.
  • To foster the advancement of the fire investigation profession through the promotion and facilitation of research; and the sponsorship of training, education and professional development.

The following link will take you to the website of our parrent organization and the IAAI Constitution & By-Laws 2012

DRAFT BC Chapter 15 Constitution and Bylaws


Our Corporate and Legal Committee members have finished production of the DRAFT BC Chapter 15 Constitution and By-Laws. A link is posted below for a PDF copy of this document for members to download and review. A motion to adopt this document will be tabled at the 2016 Annual General Meeting scheduled for December 1, 2016 at the Burnaby Firefighter's Club located at 6515 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby, BC. All members are encouraged to attend this meeting and vote.

LINK TO DRAFT BC-IAAI Chapter 15 Constitution and Bylaws

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